A young intern learns that the nurse standing behind him was the one who cared for him after his birth.

A little preterm baby was cared for by nurse Vilma Wong in California thirty years ago. At the neonatal care unit, she was accustomed to this kind of work. She recently relocated to Stanford University to practice pediatrics as a resident. The new doctor’s name, Brandon Seminatore, seemed reasonable familiar to the nurse. He responded that he was from San José, California (United States), and that he was born there as a preterm baby when she chose to inquire about his origins.

Vilma’s memory began to recall the incidents at that point. Before he finally questioned if she was the well-known Vilma he had heard about, there was a very long period of stillness. Then Brandon reveals that his mother told him about nurse Vilma, the person who had looked after him as a newborn, when she learned that he had applied to undertake his internship at that hospital.

The fact that the doctor’s kid would be working alongside the nurse who had saved his life thrilled the doctor’s parents. The picture of Vilma holding Brandon when he was a baby was given to Brandon by his parents. We don’t often say that you can run into someone you first met when you were a baby, much less that you can work in the same location at the same time.


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