She marries a magician, and they have a wonderful wedding dance.

On this auspicious day, Justin and Jillian’s first inaugural dance was supposed to be their moment of glory. However, as the guests watched the young pair dance, Jillian pulled a surprise move from her sleeve that left everyone, including her husband, dumbfounded. The ecstatic crowd was watching the couple’s dancing skills as bright lights dangled through the woods. Jillian looked stunning in her gown, and Mr. Willman looked dapper in his bow tie. Everyone was watching them.

Justin Willman and wife Jillian Sipkins perform levitation trick in wedding video | Daily Mail Online

With perfect assurance, they started their first dance as a married couple and attracted each other’s attention with their mischievous smiles. The wedding guests were mesmerized by every movement until something unexpected occurred. The audience roared as she fell into her arms. When Jillian employed some of her powers, the true shock occurred. He only wanted to give something back to her in return since he knew she had a ruse up her sleeve.

Se casa con un mago y realizan un baile de bodas que nunca olvidarán

She had been waiting for this very time. She walked over to her boyfriend and placed her hand on her shoulder while wearing a subdued smile. Although nobody had previously assumed that she possessed these skills, she knew just what to do. Everyone in attendance was unable to believe what they saw. See how he garnered the audience’s applause in the video below; it’s incredible!


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