A little guy who loved the girl he lost to her in the competition produced a song in her honor and apologized to her.

Reuben Gray, a 16-year-old, onto the stage and immediately won everyone over with how charming and intelligent he was. Unsurprisingly, he had won many people’s hearts by the time he departed the show. Reuben, a singer-songwriter, showcased one of his original songs, Lifeline, at his audition. He introduced the song by stating that it was about his girlfriend, who was present in the crowd, before he began. The year prior to the performance, while they were apart, he penned the song.

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He wrote the song as an apology after they dumped him, and fortunately it was successful. He succeeded in regaining his girl’s affection. He was pleased to see his father rise up and applaud him from the crowd as he was presenting the story. Since he thought he was at work, Reuben was astonished to see him there. It was difficult to miss the teen’s gratitude and excitement. When he started singing, we saw that his father knew the song’s lyrics off by heart.

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The father’s pride, which was evident on his face and was extremely amazing, made that moment memorable. There was nobody left in the room when the audition was over who wasn’t in tears. The occasion was made much more touching by the fact that his father ran onto the stage to embrace his son. And as you might expect, all four judges gave him a “yes.”


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