16 Russian dancers performed on stage as though they had no legs.

I’m not sure if I should think of this dance as a magic trick, but I can’t help but watch it. There aren’t any treadmills put up on this stage, I can guarantee you, and neither are these gals riding Roombas or hoverboards. When performed properly, the dancers in this Beriozka, a traditional Russian dance, seem to be floating a few inches above the floor.

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She erroneously believed that the stage was moving and the dancers were simply standing stationary. It appears that nothing moves, even the skirts, yet it is all part of the performance. To achieve this optical illusion, women must actually stand quite closely together. Young and all blonde, with an average height of 1.80 meters, the females have the same physical traits. You are wearing the same clothing, which is unusual because the skirt covers your feet and extends to the floor.

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If they simply did not dance or walk, but instead glided as if they were levitating above the earth, this form of dance would not draw notice. Since the movements in the video are so flawless, this approach attracted a lot of attention—and it is not without reason—leading to stunned gasps from everyone in attendance.


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