The sea lion arrived at the hotel, went swimming, and then parked to take a nap.

Unexpectedly, a sea lion approached a tourist who was relaxing on the shore. The animal had carefully considered how it would rest, as evidenced by the hotel’s CCTV footage showing the sea lion snatching the man’s sun lounger after swimming silently past him in the pool. In the Galapagos Islands’ Puerto Ayora, sits the hotel “Solimar.”

Only wealthy tourists may stay here, but even they have to put up with the customs of the local animals. A man who decided to just relax in a beach lounger knew this from his own experience. He chose the early hours of the day when neither the neighbors nor the workers are around. However, at that time a sea lion in the area had already woken up.

The creature that emerged from the water with the greatest assurance proceeded to the shore and repeatedly dove under. While watching the performance, the man was taken aback, but the biggest shock was still to come. Instead of swimming, the sea lion came to the hotel to unwind.

The traveler jumped out of the water and dashed to the sun lounger where he was asked to leave. As far as we can determine, this sea lion has executed this stunt before, according to footage captured by cameras placed throughout the hotel. At least no one on staff seemed surprised by the odd story.


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