The man decided to open the beer box that had been used as a table in the attic for 30 years when he discovered it during the demolition of the property.

The owners of the ancient house decided to ask their friends if they needed items that had been gathering dust in the attic for many years and were about to be thrown out while the structure was being repaired. A man who was a friend of the family agreed to visit and view the possessions.

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A large chest that was used as a table in the attic caught his eye. The most intriguing aspect of the chest is that it was made of forged iron. The contents of the box didn’t hold much appeal for the homeowners. The old couple claimed that when they purchased the home 30 years ago, the box came with it and simply stood in the dusty attic as a table. Now that they had made the decision to use the attic as an attic, they started removing things that were previously unnecessary.

Upon closer inspection, the man discovered that the construction inside the box resembled an ancient safe and had a solid, if long-rusted, bolt. More boxes were discovered in the same attic, and while they were quite simple to open, nothing inside resisted. But the “iron table” surprised the man. He used a nail puller to pry open the door, assisted the grinder in cutting the hinges, and then took the side off. The table really turned out to be an ancient safe with a stack of old British pounds bills within.

It is unknown how they got here, but the elderly home’s owners were as shocked by the discovery as the man. It was discovered after careful calculation that the “table” had stored around 20,000 pounds inside for 30 years. Although the full sum was equitably divided, it was still impossible to identify the genuine owner. Even though it was a little sum by today’s standards, it was incredibly helpful when rebuilding an old attic.

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