The family made the decision to locate the spot where their cat frequently vanishes. They discovered the animal also resides in five other homes after donning a tracker.

The family discovered that their cat frequently leaves them alone on the street for extended periods of time and then returns without eating much. The cat itself didn’t appear skinny; on the contrary, its coat was lustrous, and it had a contented expression. In the end, they made the decision to equip the cat with a tracker in order to learn what it is doing throughout its lengthy walks. After a few days, it was discovered that the cat was acting as though it was at home in 5 additional properties in the neighborhood.


Jagger did not especially enjoy walking on the street, according to the owner, a woman by the name of Ifa Makaler, but then something changed. The animal started to request walks on a regular basis before disappearing, sometimes for several days. Ifa fastened a tracker on the cat’s collar. The sensor sent daily updates of her whole itinerary to the hostess’ smartphone over the course of two days.

The woman was taken aback by how swiftly the cat ran into five neighbouring residences, where she spent several hours before leaving. Jagger is able to live with multiple families simultaneously while maintaining the pretense that she only needs to go for a stroll. And it doesn’t seem in the least bit awkward! Ifa told journalists.

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What’s more intriguing is that the family decided not to lock the cat in the house after hearing the news about their pet. Instead, she offered the animal entire freedom of choice by removing the tracker from its neck. The act was just prompted by Ifa because it happened every time the cat went back to the real residence. So let him live his life as he pleases.

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