According to the author, there is a rabbit present. Search for him

A National Geographic photographer posted a picture online with the caption, “There’s definitely a lièvre here,” although the picture only shows a squat animal. Nobody can find a lièvre, but the author claims that all it takes is a close look to make a lièvre appear right away. The side image appears to be completely normal. It has obviously not been altered; all of the colors are natural and not overly stark. The search for the fictitious lièvre may get challenging as a result.

Just one day after the photo’s publishing, it went viral on the internet. Many viewers have requested in the comments to be shown exactly where the lièvre was cachaed. Others were certain that the lièvre wasn’t the original subject of the shot, and the photographer was amused. But the lip on the photograph is clearly visible. Take a closer look:

It’s interesting because the same author had already been successful in a similar way about a year prior. He guaranteed that there was a leopard in the picture, and if you look closely, you can actually see the animal there: One of the best is a lièvre being tricked in a forest. It is not surprising that it was challenging to see him.

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