Dedicated friends took up a street youngster and a dog.

True friends are an adopted boy and a dog from the street. Adopted children sometimes find it difficult to adapt to a new family. A boy named Buddy was adopted by a couple who had no biological children.

The newly minted parents decided to fulfill the child’s dream of having a dog, hoping that the pet will be able to help their adopted son get used to a new life. The family adopted a puppy named Reagan from the shelter.

The baby was only two months old. Thus began the friendship of a boy adopted into the family and a dog of the Australian Labradoodle breed.The grandmother of the family decided to share with the world touching photos of her grandson and the dog and created an Instagram account (@reagandoodle). One for two friends.

Subscribers were delighted, and my grandmother decided to publish an album with photos of friends. The family donated the proceeds from the sale of the album to the Foster Parents Night Out organization, the purpose of which is to support foster families.

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