A popular video on the Internet shows a raccoon eating grapes while the hostess removes the dish from him.

This video, which showed the cutest raccoon enjoying delicious food, became a hit in just two weeks. In the video, the main character was able to conquer the audience, as he is so cute that it is simply impossible to look away from him. The raccoon in the video sits on the couch and eats grapes.

And the bowl of grapes is right between his paws. And now the hostess comes up to him, who wants to pick up the grapes, doing it unnoticed by the animal. The raccoon is so busy with the process that he does not even notice all the manipulations. He continues to look for grapes in the bowl, after which he looks under it, but there are no berries anywhere.

After that, you can see how the raccoon rubs its paws and begins to look at the whole hostess with suspicion. At this moment, she simply captures everything that happens. As a result, he, of course, gets a treat back. Behind the scenes, you can hear the hostess laughing. And the raccoon at this time begins to eat his grapes again. The animal was satisfied with the outcome of the case.


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