80 year old makeup secret from Scottish makeup artist

On the occasion of her grandmother’s 80th birthday, Scottish makeup artist Julia Stronach surprised her by giving her a makeover that made her seem 40 years younger! And there are just a few tricks, which Julia kindheartedly divulged to others.

According to her, you do not need to apply a thick layer of cosmetics. You only need to draw attention to the face characteristics that have aged the least. A clear eyebrow contour also adds too much age (pay heed to today’s youthful eyebrow fashionistas!). Therefore, avoid painting your eyebrows almost entirely without touching their bottoms.

However, Julia noticed that the main thing in the appearance of her grandmother is her good genetics, and she, the make-up master, only emphasized the brightest details of the grandmother’s image. And how do you like such a rejuvenating effect?

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