A man accidentally discovered a well in his living room, which turned out to have a history of 500 years. Here’s what they found inside

The well was discovered directly beneath the living room floor when Colin first moved into this house in 1995 and unintentionally opened the layers of thermal insulation to fix the floor. With plenty of time, the retiree started meticulously cleaning the somewhat disorganized well.

Stir made the choice to use the well as an interior feature from the beginning because using the water from it would have violated hygienic regulations and it would have been foolish to build an expensive treatment station. Since the hatch itself blocked access to the well, fences were built around it.

As a result, anyone who politely asked could now enter the living room and get to know the 19th-century artifact. And Colin started to invest time and money into researching its depths. They also defended themselves. In the depths of the old waters, a medieval sword was found in a luxurious leather sheath, as well as coins and jewelry, thanks to which scientists were able to establish the age of the well. He turned out to be over 500 years old.



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