In a beauty parlor, a homeless man was transformed, and the image was uploaded to the Internet. The image helped the man’s relatives locate him in the end.

Joao Coelho Guimares had been living on the street for many years, but now everything in his life has changed owing to the caring staff at the beauty parlor.

 He was merely given a haircut without being asked to pay, and that was where it all began.

In order to at least minimally clean himself up, a homeless man entered a beauty parlor and requested a razor.

 The masters agreed to trim his hair for free in order to improve his appearance. Joao received the Day of Beauty on the same day.

The homeless man was not only trimmed, because the craftsmen also tidied up his beard, and also donated clothes: shirts, a jacket, several trousers, shoes.

The job took about two hours. All free at that time stylists and hairdressers volunteered to help.

Is it possible to see in this handsome man a homeless man who just a couple of hours ago went into the salon to ask for a razor.

Joao himself was pleasantly surprised, tears flowed from his eyes, and it was really better than any thanks.

However, the masters of the salon did not know that after they published the result of the transformation of a man on the Internet, Joao’s life would completely change.

 They immediately contacted the masters of the salon and went to the meeting. The sister recognized her brother in the photos that went viral on social media and was incredibly happy to meet him again. 

The woman was very amazed that Joao lived on the street, because he was always a responsible and honest person who loved to work.

Many years ago, he went to another city to earn money, but he disappeared and no one until that time knew what exactly happened. Even Joao himself does not remember this.

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