An inquisitive young man showing the bear’s den from the inside

The bear, probably not without reason, is the unofficial symbol of Russia, becoming the hero of fairy tales and the standard of courage and strength. Naturally, the “nose-to-nose” meeting remains outside the interests of the overwhelming majority.

And “to visit the light” right in the bear’s lair is already either the height of recklessness, or a delicate calculation, in which there is 100% certainty that the owner will not be at home. As it happened to a young guy who discovered an empty (at that time) bear dwelling in the forest.

He examined it – first from the outside, and then, making sure that the owner was not at home, and from the inside. Squeezing through a narrow entrance, he found himself in a place where there was a rookery, a kind of den bedroom.

He showed with his hands how much free space there actually was and clearly demonstrated how and where exactly the bear sleeps during hibernation.

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