The whole family asks the Malamute to take a bath, even the cat expresses an opinion

Handsome Phil, an Alaskan Malamute, takes part in the video, from which all members of the family are delighted. He will have to take a bath to get rid of the dirt adhering to his fur. The dog does not like this idea.

собака устроила истерику, собака любит валяться в ванной, хаски устроил истерику в ванной, хаски в ванне не хочет гулять

The owners know that the dog does not like water, so they try to persuade him. All members of the family, including the cat, gathered in the bathroom. The dog does not like this kind of support. The dog first wanders around the room, trying to hide from sight.

The owners decided to get their way no matter what. Phil decides to resort to trickery. The owner offers the dog a jar of peanut butter. Phil reacts to the treat, but doesn’t give up. The owner smears the wall of the bathroom with paste and puts the jar nearby, the dog decides on the procedure. The cat at this time snatches a tasty treat.


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