The girl coped with the repair no worse than a professional designer. True, I had to say goodbye to the wallpaper

When Julie Worley, a 14-year-old teenager from the UK, began to peel off the wallpaper from the walls.

However, it turned out that the girl decided to make repairs on her own, and she eventually managed to create a unique and attractive wall design.

The girl needed only masking tape, a spatula and several cans of paint to work. The whole process of creating a new design, which took her two days, Julie filmed on camera.

The wall, cleared of wallpaper, was decorated with various geometric shapes, and in order for them to look even and neat, masking tape was just required. The teenager’s mother did not expect such a good result from her daughter’s idea and was clearly delighted with her skill. So much so that she even shared photos of Julie’s creations on her Facebook page.

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