The man contacted the business, which created this home in just two days using a so-called 3D printer. The interior of the house appears as follows.

The 70-year-old American citizen, unfortunately, was left without a roof over his head in his advanced years. His fate was not very successful, but now everything has changed. Last summer, he nevertheless became the owner of his own house. This is due to the fact that this is not an ordinary building. It was printed on a so-called 3D printer in just two days.

The house is very compact and comfortable, it is not surprising, after all, the method of its manufacture at the moment is not so cheap. However, inside there is a bathroom, and a bedroom, and a kitchen. The house was built by a very young company. It plans to introduce such construction on a long-term basis.

The homeless man simply wrote a letter, which he sent to the address of the firm. In it, he told his complex life story. Soon after, the company decided to help this poor man. So he got his own house.


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