Let’s reflect on our earliest New Year’s celebrations.

Do you remember how we celebrated the New Year when we were little? It seems that the smell of the Christmas tree was stronger, the tangerines were much sweeter, and the most uncomplicated gifts were the most long-awaited. Real, live Christmas trees were often placed in houses, rather than artificial ones.

They were installed in a bucket of sand, which was covered with a layer of cotton wool as an imitation of snow. And next to the bucket they put figures of the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. Christmas decorations were mostly made of glass and depicted houses, mushrooms, icicles, balls, cones I remember that a peak with a round base was placed on the top of the Christmas tree in my house.

And I so wish there was an asterisk! In the evenings before the New Year, the whole family decorated the house with tinsel, made garlands and paper snowflakes on our own, bought firecrackers and sparklers, which both pleased and a little frightened.

And who remembers the rich New Year’s table? Olivier, herring under a fur coat, baked goose or chicken, sandwiches, jellied fish and jelly, Mimosa salad, homemade pickles, fruits, vegetable and meat cuts And those same matinees in schools and kindergartens.

The costumes were always made by our parents by hand, and the boys usually played the role of bears or bunnies, and the girls were the most beautiful chanterelles, snowflakes. The costumes were decorated with tinsel to make them even more festive and bright. And for Santa Claus, children learned songs, poems, dances in order to receive a sweet gift in a package. There were sweets, tangerines, which were so nice to eat at home with the family.

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