This beautiful dog has become the best and safest babysitter

In the state of Nebraska, there is a dog that no parent can match in terms of responsibility and care for a child.

Illustration de l'article : Chaque soir depuis la naissance du bébé de la famille, ce chien s'assure que rien ne lui arrive pendant son sommeil

Before the Miller couple had a daughter, they adopted a Bernese Sinnenhund dog called Berkeley in their home. When Eleni appeared, her parents were afraid to let the dog near her, because they were not sure that he would react positively to her. But they soon realized that their fears were unfounded.

A large dog with powerful paws next to baby Eleni immediately became gentle and caring, as if he were dealing with his puppy. In addition, when the parents installed a babysitter, Kristin and Joe saw that the girl’s nighttime rest, besides them, was the most preoccupied and faithful pet. He came into the room every night and looked into the crib, checking if everything was in order. Eleni just turned 2 years old. The parents told the girl how carefully the animal treats her, which made her very happy. Behind him, Eleni is completely safe.


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