This man only spends 9 hours a day cleaning. Here’s how he manages to do it.

Recently, the British TV show Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners reported that 60% of men do not wash their hands after going to the toilet. And they showed Amar – the complete opposite. He is a clean-up guy and spends 9 hours cleaning every day! For Amar, cleanliness is not a material concept. Cleaning is akin to meditation, finding peace of mind.

Amar continues to clean his kitchen up to nine hours a day although he says he knows its clean

Let’s clarify right away – Amar admits that not everything is in order with his head, although the doctors did not find any problems. He is of sound mind, works in a pharmacy, happily married.

But Amar won’t rest until he cleans up properly again and again. It all starts with himself – Amar washes his face alone 20 times a day. He doesn’t use gloves because he has to feel every speck of dust on his skin. Plus it’s a pleasure to touch a clean surface. To destroy microbes, he uses a double boiler, cleans the plates, widely uses cotton swabs and disposable napkins.


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