Because this puppy was big for his age, he was taken out of the shelter and no longer kept. This is how he is today

When the Pomeranian Bertram was only 5 months old, the breeder decided to get rid of him. The reason was that the puppy was “too big to sell.”

Kathy Grayson found it on an animal shelter website and brought it to New York, where she has her own art gallery. “Bert is very calm and relaxed, inquisitive and goofy,” says Cathy.

Now Bert has become an “art connoisseur” and helps his mistress in her art gallery. “I made him a personal page on Instagram. I need to publish my work on mine, and people really want to see Bert.

“I love it when people come to the art gallery to see Bert and bring their dogs to meet him.” And although his life did not start out well, Bert is now enjoying his life in New York. Bert is now a social media star. He has over 93k followers on Instagram. Katie says she’s not surprised by this.

He recently turned 5 years old and celebrated his birthday in style. There is no doubt that he still has many happy years ahead of him!

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