This swan visits the city every day, knocks on people’s doors and moves mailboxes, and when it sees a person, it quickly leaves.

Over the past five years, the swan has left the lake and is literally in the city and everywhere. The bird knocks on doors for hours, touches iron mailboxes, and when it sees a person, it just flies away. Cedric Swan first appeared in Northampton about 5 years ago. The bird came to Stephen Fry’s door, shook the bottles left outside the door a little, and left․

Look, it was just a funny episode, the first time. But then everything happened again, the swan started to go to other houses, Fry told reporters. According to local residents, the bird makes noise for several hours in a row and obviously enjoys it. What Cedric likes most is the rattle of the metal mailboxes built into the doors, a noise that echoes around the block.

The locals still don’t know how to solve the problem with the noisy bird. Cedric goes to the city almost every day, as if to work. the bird in frowning hats and bottles returns to the lake and rests.


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