The simple peasant girl left the village work, endured people’s ridicule, took part in a beauty contest and won.

A simple village girl applied for a beauty pageant. She had to listen to a lot of jokes addressed to her, even the judges accepted the application with skepticism. But as soon as she entered the podium, the grins of her competitors were replaced by envy: the village “simple girl” firmly decided to win. Ruth Hei Ha, from rural Vietnam, has known hard work since she was a child. She helped the family on the farm and did not plan another life for herself.

However, fate decreed otherwise: the financial problems of the farm forced Ruth to think about the future. The girl realized that she could help her parents only by making her way to a good job. She entered the university on her own and spent her free time on part-time jobs. In her sophomore year, Ruth saw an ad for a beauty pageant and decided to try her hand. She was not afraid of the ridicule of her classmates, who were well aware of Ruth’s farming life.

To the surprise of her classmates, Ruth almost easily won first place in the competition. The victory helped her to believe in herself. The university sent Ruth to the next, already city beauty contest, then there was a national competition in Ho Chi Minh City – she won here too. A simple village girl won the title of Miss Vietnam as a result.

For winning the competition, she was paid about 30 thousand dollars, which Ruth, of course, spent on her parents’ farm. More importantly, the queen of the national competition has received many advertising commissions and can now live without denying herself anything. Ruth’s story has become a source of inspiration for thousands of ordinary girls around the world. She proved by her own example that hard work eventually leads to the desired result.


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