The man decided to make repairs and found a door at the back of the wall, which he had not been aware of for so many years.

A man who bought a new apartment began to repair and punched a hole in the wall. To his surprise, behind the wall was a metal door to a room that was not on the plan. Ron Kwonson specially bought an apartment on the ground floor of a small house with its own yard. He planned to make an opening in one of the walls and enclose a small area of \u200b\u200bthe lawn for himself.

The man checked the plan, chose the wall leading to the courtyard. But instead of the street, he suddenly saw a metal door in front of him, behind which a full-fledged room opened.

Moreover, the room was fully tiled, in the corner there was a place for installing a jacuzzi and all communications were brought out.

Looks like the previous owner loved the jacuzzi. The only strange thing is that he hid the whole room behind the wall,” Kwonson told reporters.

The man called specialists to the apartment, who will determine whether it is possible to use the room.

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