By connecting the two trunks, the couple built a 37 sq.m. a house with all the conveniences inside

The Hinkles family’s shipping container house is just 37 meters square. Upon learning about this, the familiar couples laugh at first, but quickly change their minds when they look inside: on a tiny square, the spouses managed to place a comfortable apartment on two floors, and the building itself did not require any loans or mortgages.

It was the absurdly high prices for an apartment that pushed Jamie and Dave to the idea of ​​building their own budget housing. At that time, all the savings of the couple amounted to 2.5 million in ruble terms. This money was not enough for an apartment, but more than enough for a plot outside the city and the purchase of old, long-decommissioned shipping containers.

Electricity, sewerage and water supply were immediately connected to the site. One container gradually turned into a full-fledged first floor of the house. Here, the couple managed to place a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room at once – there was even room for a pantry. The second container was placed on top and made into a separate floor with a large bedroom, and a balcony was added here.

We would never have been able to buy an apartment with that money. And now we have a whole house! Dave told reporters. As it turned out, even a small area can be used wisely if all the rooms are correctly distributed.

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