While cleaning the garden, the man found a part of the royal crown that belonged to the previous kings.

The man was looking for and removing garbage in the field with a metal detector and found something similar to a crumpled can under a tree. After cleaning the dirt, he had in his hands a part of the crown of the English kings lost 400 years ago.

Realizing that he had found value, Kevin Duckett hurried home and laundered the find, the letters SH became clearly visible. The man took the treasure to specialists – he was obliged to do this by law. Experts quickly determined that Kevin’s find was a piece of the Tudor crown once worn by Henry VIII and last owned by Charles I.

I didn’t plan on a treasure hunt. At first it seemed that it was just a crumpled can of soda in the ground, but I realized by weight that it was pure gold, ”Duckett told the details of that day. Experts estimated Kevin’s find at 2 million pounds, about 207 million rubles. Now the man will never again need to clean the field from debris.

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