No one needed this building because it was very old. The couple bought it and turned it into a home that is the envy of many

Once, a couple from the United States put up for sale a luxurious estate with a large territory adjacent to it, as well as a dilapidated household house built nearby. The mansion was located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Dozens of potential buyers were interested in the chic home, but none of them wanted to buy the unsightly utility room because it was old and in need of repair and financial investment.

Debbie and her husband have long been in love with this area and dreamed of settling there, so they decided to take the risk and purchase an outbuilding in order to subsequently move there permanently. 

The couple bought and completely renovated the outbuilding. The transformation of the house took about two months. The couple tried to do all the repair work with their own hands and turned to specialists for help in laying electrical wiring. Debbie figured out how to save money on buying new furniture: it was decided to decorate the interior of the house in a retro style.

 She bought cheap old furniture and literally transformed it. The highlight of the new house was the fireplace, which the spouses got from the previous owners absolutely free of charge. They converted it into a convenient electric fireplace. The bathroom, kitchen and bedroom are decorated in white and blue colors, which creates additional comfort for the residents. 

The couple definitely managed to transform the old outbuilding into a comfortable beautiful house.

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