The man opened his car and saw that it was full of nuts. 70 kg of nuts in the car. Here’s who put it there

Starting the engine of his car, Bill Fisher heard strange sounds. Opening the hood, he saw 70 kilograms of large nuts in front of him: a local squirrel made a winter cache of supplies out of the car. Fischer himself told this story to reporters.

The man clarified that he had been seeing a squirrel on a tree near his house for more than a year – the animal found a good place for wintering and apparently decided to create a food warehouse for himself. Fisher’s car, a powerful and voluminous Chevrolet Avalanche, stood in the parking lot near the house for several days while the owner was on a business trip.

This time was enough for the squirrel to hide as many as 70 kilograms of nuts in a pickup truck. I opened the hood and just didn’t know what to do. Nuts were everywhere. I didn’t manage to get everything, while driving I can still hear the remnants of supplies rolling somewhere, ”Fischer explained. Now the man parks the pickup truck exclusively in the garage. Belka will have to restock.


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