In the middle of the forest, the man found a cabin high up in a tree. He climbed inside and tried to spend the night here: video

The traveler has climbed too far into the taiga. It’s already getting dark in the winter forest. At that moment, the man noticed a cozy hut, assembled high on a tree. He climbed inside and after some thought decided to try to spend the night here filming his adventure on video. Inside the hut was equipped with everything you need.

There was a gas stove on the table, next to which there was a frying pan and dishes. A small washbasin, three windows on different sides – the owner obviously tried to make his house really comfortable. The traveler had to go down several more times to collect firewood for the stove and snow, which he planned to melt and use for cooking. By this time it was completely dark.

So the man decided to stay in the hut all night. The stove gave enough heat for heating, but outside the window the night taiga still disturbed with quiet sounds: Building such a house in the remote taiga is far from an easy task. The owner of the hut probably loves to come here to relax from the bustle of the city.


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