The owner of the cat decided to check where his cat has been disappearing for days. He hung a camera around his neck and found out everything

The British blogger’s cat ran away every morning and disappeared for the whole day. The owner was curious where his pet was going. The man attached a small camera to the cat’s collar and by evening he finally recognized the routes of the furry traveler. 

Chris Wright had recently moved to a new area and therefore was wary of the daily walks of his pet cat, Ralph. Once the cat was gone for a few days and Chris decided it would be a good idea to hang a camera on him along with a GPS tracker. Ralph got up every morning and left with such an air of importance that I decided to follow him.

 I thought that suddenly my pet was doing some interesting things, the owner later said. As it turned out, the cat just liked to walk the streets. He was doing the usual things for all cats: he slept, played, ate plants and hunted a little. This is what his collar camera recorded: It’s funny that the cat did not run away from the owner’s yard, he just hid and behaved imperceptibly. Why, only he knows.



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