The girl who is so beautiful as if she is a model works as a bus driver

Jodie Fox, 24, has been driving the bus for three years and is used to seeing men skip their stops. The Englishwoman is sure that she has chosen the right profession, but women constantly send complaints to her superiors it seems to them that the girl is too beautiful for such work. The profession of a driver is indeed atypical for a girl with such an appearance. 

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Jody did not immediately become a driver, after school she managed to work as a nurse, but then she realized that she wanted to drive a big bus. Fighting constant attention is harder than keeping track of the road. Men always miss their stops and almost every month my superiors receive a complaint from some woman who is jealous of my appearance, Jody admitted to reporters. At the same time, entry into the profession in the UK is quite high. 

To become a qualified driver, Jody had to pass dozens of exams, including mathematics. I often hear that I am too beautiful for this job. But in the end, this is my personal business, says Jody. Fox is not going to give up her profession, although she has already been offered shooting in fashion magazines several times. The girl believes that she is doing everything right, and let someone else care about stereotypes about appearance.



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