The girl left the boy because he worked as a janitor and went to a richer man. Years later they met, and the boy was already a millionaire

The girl left her boyfriend after learning about his job as a janitor. She left in search of a better life, but after 10 years she almost accidentally met him again – already a successful millionaire. Vernon Quek chose the job of a janitor for a reason.

On weekends, he helped his father clean the office space and suddenly realized that in cleaning companies, managers earn more than novice engineers. By the age of 20, Vernon still did not receive much, but he saw certain development prospects in front of him. And at the same time, the girl left him for a student at a prestigious university. She called me a janitor and said there was no future with me.

To be honest, this phrase has motivated me all my life, Vernon will later tell reporters. The man worked for the same cleaning company. He perfectly understood all the processes, which allowed him to quickly grow to a managerial position.

10 years later, Verona was invited by the largest player in the Singaporean market: Primech Services & Engineering employs 3,000 people, the former cleaner manages a department for 500 cleaners and receives more than 500 thousand Singapore dollars (7,700,000 rubles) per month. By chance, at one of the dinner parties, Quek met the same girl. She stared at the man she considered unworthy. Vernon did not talk to the girl, only smiled when he realized that she was thinking about the “simple janitor” now.


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