The family bought an abandoned 19th century barn and began to make repairs. For 3 years, the estimate has grown to 50 million rubles

The family’s decision to sell their house to buy an abandoned 19th-century barn was not approved by relatives. Perhaps the acquaintances’ skepticism towards such an investment of money was justified. During the three years of renovation, Laura and Adrian invested another 50 million in the barn. Laura and Adrian looked after the old carriage house on the grounds of the Cliffe Hall estate near Birmingham. 350 thousand pounds sterling or 36 million rubles should be paid for the building. The high price was due to the building’s age and “history”.

The family sold their home to buy it and moved into a trailer while it was being renovated. Initially, it was planned to carry out a light renovation of the building in a few months, but the dates were delayed. We missed a lot while buying. The roof beams were old.

The brick of the walls is the same. In fact, we had to rebuild the house, Laura later told reporters. The renovation required a huge investment. For three years, the family lived in a small trailer and saved money. As a result, the estimate increased to 470 thousand pounds, which is about 50 million rubles․

Finally, the barn came to mind. A prestigious mansion has appeared in the old place. See how the construction process went. Was it worth investing so much money in an old house? The family is no longer sure.


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