A factory worker has become a TikTok star. 100 million people watch him silent in the frame

In March 2020, factory worker Xabi Leim lost his job. Out of boredom, he began to shoot videos for TikTok, in the frame Leim does not say a word. A year later, already 100 million people are watching the guy being silent in the frame, and each video brings him serious money. For example, in one of the life hacks, the author suggests cutting a T-shirt stuck in a car door.

@khaby.lame Bro, I’m already at lunch 😅Bro, Sono già al pranzo 😅#tomuchtime #troppotempo#learnfromkhaby #learnwithtiktok ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

Leim in 3 seconds offers a more adequate option: just opens the door. The video with the reaction of Xabi instantly gained more than 257 million views. The popularity of the Senegalese is ensured by the corporate style of each video. Leim ends any video with the same trick: pursing his lips, he looks sarcastically into the camera and makes a gesture with his hands, emphasizing the absurdity of the life hack being ridiculed. “Facial expressions and gestures, that’s the point.

@khaby.lame It’s better to give for who can’t afford it! Guys don’t do this! Dalla a chi ne ha bisogno #learnfromkhaby #learnwithtiktok #imparacontiktok ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

They set me apart from others, ”Leim said in an interview. A whole team of pros is working on the videos of top TikTok influencers. Clickbait hacks are also on the rise, and Leim skillfully pokes fun at the concept. The form and content of the Senegalese videos are concise, which also captivates the viewer. Already, 101.4 million people have subscribed to Leim’s page. The former worker’s income has also risen and the format looks set to stay on trend for some time to come.

@khaby.lame Let’s eat 🍒 But I don’t like seeing you make your life harder. Mangiamo 🍒 ma non mi piace che ti complichi la vita.#learnfromkhaby #LearnWithTikTok ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame



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