2 bees were able to unscrew the cap on a bottle of water in 3 minutes: video

A Brazilian woman from Sao Paulo filmed insects evolving before her eyes. The woman put a bottle of sweet soda on the ground, and when she turned around she saw two bees calmly unscrewing the cap. The woman drank soda at lunchtime and was distracted for literally half a minute.

Seeing two bees at the bottle, she did not drive them away – she was just wondering what the insects would do next. The bees flew around the bottle as if they were making a plan of action.

Then they settled down on the threads on both sides and began to gently turn the lid. The whole process took them about 3 minutes. I didn’t believe my eyes. How could the bees have guessed to remove the lid? – the girl signed the video. By the way, here is the video with smart bees:

It seems that human influence on nature is greater than previously thought. Even insects have to adapt to new realities.


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