The man found an abandoned villa of millionaires. There are no people, things are in place, and Bentley is rusting on the street.

In the southeast of England, a passerby found an abandoned villa of millionaires. The mansion looks like the owners were here yesterday. All things are in place, a Bentley is rusting on the street, but there have been no people for several years. The county of Hertfordshire has long been known as a haven for the rich. Here, in this cozy corner of good old England, houses cost up to a million pounds. The amount is colossal, so meeting an abandoned mansion in Hertfordshire is almost as real as seeing Bigfoot.

Therefore, the man turned his attention to the house, where rusting cars stood by the driveway, among which there was an elite Bentley. A little hesitant, he entered the door and here he was even more surprised. The mansion with eight bedrooms, six bathrooms and four reception rooms looks frozen in time.

Designer clothes hang on the rails in the dressing rooms, there are clean dishes in the dishwasher, an expensive telescope looks up at the sky by one of the windows, and next to it is a plant that somehow continues to grow without any watering. The complete illusion of an inhabited house. I looked in the mailbox, and there are letters from 2016. That is, 5 years ago, the family seemed to suddenly get out of bed and run away without taking any things with them.

There were even toothbrushes left in the bathroom,” the man who discovered the house told reporters. Out of curiosity, the man made inquiries about the house and found out that it was owned by a family with a Russian surname. Now in the register, the mansion is listed under the control of a large and prestigious agency. What happened to the owners of the house will most likely remain a mystery.


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