Inside the world’s largest cruise ship. How a city-sized ship works.

Hundreds of onlookers gathered to watch the departure from the port of the largest cruise ship in the world. There is nothing surprising in their interest: “Harmony of the Seas” is quite reasonably nicknamed the Floating City it can accommodate more than 6 thousand passengers and costs a whole billion dollars. 

The length of Harmony of the Seas (“Harmony of the Seas”) is 362 meters the length of the Titanic, for comparison, is only 269 meters. The width of the vessel is 66 meters, the weight is 120 thousand tons: in order to see the upper decks of the 16-deck giant, you will have to move further away. And the number of passengers on board is comparable to the population of a small village. All 16 decks comfortably accommodate 6,300 travelers. And to this we still need to add a crew of 2,100 people. 

The liner is so large that real trees are grown on its decks, in total there are about 50 thousand plants. Tired of walking through the local “forest”, tourists can choose from 23 swimming pools or one of 20 giant dining rooms. Harmony of the Seas cost Royal Caribbean Cruises $1 billion. The company expects to return this money in just a few years. Detailed tour of the liner:

According to the plans, Harmony will make weekly cruises in the Mediterranean. The liner has already missed this season, but it is likely to return to the sea by next spring.



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