An emigrant trucker bought a Peterbuilt tractor. See inside a $190,000 truck

An emigrant from Russia worked for several years as a truck driver in the United States. The profession turned out to be so profitable that he managed to buy his own tractor, and the latest model. An absolutely gorgeous Peterbuilt 389 marking 2022 cost the truck driver 190 thousand dollars. The man took a detailed review of the tractor, which is literally more expensive than a Moscow apartment. 

The author of the video and the owner of the truck started working as a hired driver in Alaska. The profession of truckers in the USA is very profitable, although it is associated with certain risks. It took the man years to buy his own truck he decided not to save on what brings income.

Peterbuilt 389 belongs to the model range already in 2022, and its purchase was a great success for the driver: one of the New York businessmen who “played enough” with expensive equipment decided to sell a modern tractor. The bank sponsored the purchase, yet it is very difficult to raise $190,000 on your own.

But the car is definitely worth every cent. Externally, the Peterbuilt 389 looks more like a futuristic vehicle than a utility tractor. The cabin is of particular interest. Leather seats, a dashboard like a spaceship without getting up, you can operate almost all the functions of the truck. Immediately behind the seats is a rest compartment with a large, almost double bed. There is also a refrigerator, TV and microwave. The technical details of the review are best viewed in the retelling of the author himself: The story of the immigrant driver is interesting in itself. After all, a man in a foreign country managed to earn 190 thousand dollars as an ordinary truck driver.



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