An anthill 5 meters high found in the bush of Australia

A resident of Australia went for a walk in the bush, where his attention was quickly attracted by a strange and very high tower. Coming closer, the man realized that he was looking at an anthill 5 meters high. Of course, it was not ordinary ants that built it, but termites. These insects create their home from sand, wood chips and clay – everything that is nearby.

The size of the termite mound is explained simply: the construction is going on while the colony is alive. For several hundred years, the tower grows five meters high, reaches a diameter of 3 meters and weighs up to 12 tons.

Thousands of unorganized insects have been building the most complex multi-tiered labyrinth for hundreds of years without plans and drawings – nature is incredible in its diversity. And five meters is far from the limit. The height of the largest of all known termite mounds exceeds 12 meters, although the colony has long since left it.


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