The man decided to build a house in the rock and he succeeded

When imagining a cave house, most will immediately imagine a primitive man․ This is what the neighbors of Grant Johnson thought, who tirelessly began to make moves in a small mountain. The first guests came to his house only 25 years later and were amazed to see a real underground palace in front of them instead of a fragile hole. Johnson moved to Utah to work in a mine.

Years later, the man saved up enough money and bought 16 hectares of land as a property. This purchase made him a local celebrity, because instead of an arable land, the guy chose a huge rock in the middle of the desert. But Grant was not at all a madman, he simply acted according to a plan that had long been invented. An experienced demolition worker, over the next ten years, he turned the interior of the rock into many internal halls and passages with a total area of ​​450 meters.

The man spent all the necessary communications straight into the rock. Water, electricity, sewerage – the house is arranged no worse than expensive mansions. Johnson arranged a separate room for the library, made several bedrooms, equipped the kitchen. The entrance to the cave is closed by a huge glass door: Grant likes the panorama from his house. He also cleared the area around, started a garden, built a pasture for cattle.

And then Grant was just lucky: the state authorities officially recognized the territory where his rock house stands as part of the national park. Now Grant has an underground palace, where there is everything you need. His house has become famous throughout the country and many people come here specifically for excursions.


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