These are American trucks, the interior of which is like a palace. Here you can fully relax

Trucks of American truckers have always been distinguished by comfort, but the latest generation of such vehicles has reached a qualitatively new level. The journalist filmed a short video report from a meeting with truck drivers in the United States and filmed their palaces on wheels from the inside: the so-called “sleepers” have not only beds in their cabs, but also full-fledged kitchens with living rooms. The US law does not limit the length of the road train.

Slippers are made exclusively to order. The cost of a compartment may be equal to the cost of the tractor itself, but truckers are willing to pay this price for the level of comfort on the road. With the motivation of drivers, everything is clear: a sleeper is a working tool for them, allowing them to make longer trips, and therefore earn more.

In the living quarters, full-size double beds are installed. Cabinets, shelves, windows, electric stove in the kitchen. There is also a refrigerator and a sink, in a separate room there is a bathroom with a shower. A truck based on the Volvo VNL860, one of the most common models, will cost the buyer $300,000.

But this is the price of a new car, a used sleeper can be found for a hundred thousand. The high price tag is justified by constant work. Having a permanent home on the road, the trucker does not need to interrupt flights for rest – he can relax on the track.


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