The rich man put himself under a homeless man and asked passers-by for a request after which he called an expensive car and left. All this was recorded on video

A wealthy rich man decided to check the reaction of passers-by to the request of a homeless man to call. He put on dirty, worn clothes, and began to approach people on the street with a request to let them call. Many refused, but those who agreed observed a strange picture: a man called a motorcade, which came for him in a few minutes. In the image for the psychological check of passers-by, all the details were thought out. They found really old dirty clothes for the man, and the make-up artists worked on the image of the homeless.

There was nothing in the grubby, unwashed man that betrayed a wealthy gentleman. The outfit was clearly a success, because for the first 40 minutes, all passers-by on the street refused to call at all.

As a result, the well-wisher was found, but he had to speak through the speakerphone. The owner did not dare to give the phone into the hands of an outsider. Imagine the well-wisher’s surprise when an untidy man called a car with a driver. The request looked strange, but literally a few minutes later an expensive car with a courteous driver in a suit really arrived.

The car was accompanied by a security jeep, an indispensable attribute of any motorcade

. Everything that happened was filmed by a hidden camera operator, who was nearby. Interestingly, almost all passers-by refused the request. Apparently trust in outside society is at the lowest possible level.



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