The old watch fell into the hands of the master, of which only the rusty case remained. It was completely transformed and became unrecognizable

The master got an old Swiss watch in his hands. At first glance, only a rusty body remained from them. But the specialist saw an engraving about increased water resistance on the back cover and tried to restore the watch completely and even start the mechanism. The author carefully filmed the entire restoration process on video.

 The master literally found an old watch in a landfill. In addition to rust, the hull was seriously soiled. First of all, it was required to clean it, but do it carefully, without affecting the possibly preserved mechanism. The restorer washed the watch in a special solution and was surprised to see that under a layer of rust and dirt, the original dial was well preserved.

The master disassembled the already cleaned case into its component parts and replaced all the elements that had become unusable. The watch mechanism turned out to be practically serviceable and immediately started working. As a finishing touch, the restorer chose a stylish leather strap for the watch.  Who will now believe that this chronometer was found in a landfill: The master filmed the entire restoration process in detail: Work on the restoration took a total of less than a day. And the result was definitely worth the effort.



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