Birds think no less than people. The bird took bread from the table and threw it into the water. Here’s why he did it.

The tourist noticed a bird in the park, which for some reason took a piece of bread from the table, but did not eat it. Out of curiosity, the man turned on the camera and watched. the bird carefully cut off a piece of bread and went on a real fishing trip with him.

The video was shot by a traveler in one of the parks – this is an American green deer, which, in principle, does not eat bread, but loves fish a lot. The bird came to the shore of the lake and climbed over the stones to the water, where it was already deep. Here he threw a piece of bread, then moved it several times.

The tourist has not yet understood the reasons for the bird’s behavior. And only a minute later everything became clear. Moving the bread, the night drought created the appearance of easy prey floating on the surface. A small fish rose from the depths. Stretching its head quickly, the bird took the fish and flew away. However, everything looks more dynamic in the video. It seems that man underestimates the mental abilities of birds and animals. Most of them learn to adapt.



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