A mouse named Hamster has learned to make a lot of money from people. Here’s how he does it.

A hamster named Mr. Hotkins has been trading cryptocurrency since July 12th. The owners say that in 2 months he increased the portfolio by 30% and outperformed bitcoin and even the Warren Buffett index. Since the hamster is not able to press the buttons on the keyboard or the touchscreen, a special cage was created for him, which is the exchange terminal. All of the hamster’s crypto trading goes through sensors built into the cage. The information is transmitted and calculated by Arduino Nano mini-processors. Running on the wheel, Mr. Hotchkins randomly selects the type of cryptocurrency out of 30 possible as a switch – having stopped at a certain type of crypt, the wheel transfers its name to memory.

But that’s not all, because now the position must be sold or vice versa, bought. A hamster can do this by running through one of the tunnels: running one by one, the animal presses on the sensor, which automatically buys the crypt selected by the wheel for 20 euros. If the hamster runs through another tunnel, then he immediately sells the entire selected position for the selected crypt. Thus, all decisions of the hamster are absolutely random: choosing a crypt, selling or buying.  But this randomness turned out to be more effective than the proven schemes of financiers: since July 12, Mr. Hotchkins’ portfolio has grown from 390 euros to 498 euros, that is, by 28%. If compared in percentage terms, then the hamster in a three-month window surpassed the index of the famous financier Warren Buffett – who, by the way, himself opposes trading in cryptocurrencies. Surpassed his indicator and just the profitability of bitcoin, as if he had bought it and just did nothing.

By the way, this is not the first case of successful animal trade in the market. In 2008, financiers offered the monkey Lukerye to form his own portfolio of shares – in nine years their value increased by 7.5 times. The owner of the hamster decided to continue the experiment and see how promising this way of trading is.


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