The man built a royal house for himself by destroying the rock in the mountains. He is already being asked to build such houses.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, the 35-year-old middle manager picked up a drill and went to the mountains. He carved a stone hole for himself in the rocks and, ignoring the rumors and laughter of his acquaintances, turned it into a real, cozy house with all communications in a year. The owner of the cave dwelling introduced himself to journalists as Mr. Tiger.

According to Tiger, the idea to hollow out his own house in a cave came to him after reviewing the prices of apartments in a big city. The man realized that even with a good job, he would have to take out a mortgage for 10-20 years. Tiger remembered his university profession – engineer. He surveyed the nearby mountains and selected a soft limestone summit.

I spent a significant part of my savings on tools and got to work. Work was slow at first. For 2 months, Tiger managed to make only one room and put the front door. It took several more months to process the floor and ceiling. The engineer hollowed out cabinets and shelves right in the walls. Then he negotiated with local utility companies and ran electricity from the nearest power line and running water right up the mountain. He also made furniture himself, from local wood.

Just in case, Tiger got some solar panels and a diesel generator. See how the construction progress went and what happened in the end: Tiger Cave has everything you need, including internet. Now the man is thinking of turning the construction of similar houses into a real business – there are already requests.


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