A man found a decommissioned aircraft jet engine in a junkyard and turned it into a mobile home in 3 months

Stephen Jones spotted an old jet engine turbine from a decommissioned aircraft at an air scrap yard and decided to take it home. When the man brought her to the yard, none of the neighbors fully understood why Steven needed scrap metal. But he transported it to his garage-workshop, and after 3 months he took a unique motor home out of the gate.

Airplanes are Steve’s calling and passion. He is an aeronautical engineer and everything related to aircraft is not indifferent to him. When the idea arose to buy a motor home, the man decided not to go to the store, but to do everything personally. This is where the turbine of the Vickers VC10 long-haul airliner turned up.

The plane from the 70s had already departed for a long time, so the turbine was not in the best condition. First of all, the man decided to remove the old skin of thin aluminum and replace it with a more reliable material. Most importantly, the supporting frame of the hull was strong and allowed to work further. The work went on actively for 3 months: Stephen was so carried away that he even took a forced leave from work.

I calculated later, worked on the turbine for 10,000 hours. I don’t regret a single minute,” Jones told reporters. But the result was worth it. In the turbine, a large panoramic window appeared in place of the air collector, and the side parts hid doors in themselves. Despite the small size of the case, a bed, two couches, benches and even a mini-kitchen fit inside.

Jones admits that immediately after the first demonstration to the public, he was offered $30,000 for the old turbine. But the man does not plan to sell it: he wants to go on a long journey in his new home.

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