They created illusions for cats on the floor and recorded their reactions

The owner decided to test how her cats would react to an optical illusion in the form of a funnel on the floor.

At first, the animals approached the sticker without much interest, but then the woman turned on the video recording: the illusion provoked an unexpected reaction in the cats and forced them to take action. Cats distinguish between optical illusions almost like humans, but without critical evaluation.

This spring, cognitive ethologist Gabriela Smith conducted a study and proved that cats are able to at least perceive the visual illusion of a square: they climb into it as if in a real box. Therefore, the mistress of two domestic cats decided to check how her pets would perceive a more complex illusion. She pasted a picture of a sinking funnel onto the floor. The cats took turns approaching the sticker and each sat within it for a while. Neither seemed to be very interested.

However, then the illusion somehow provoked them to take action, which was caught on camera: This interesting experiment allows us to take a different look at the visual type of perception of cats. It can also help in studying the behavioral characteristics of these animals.


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