The woman believed in the legend, bought a house in Italy for 1 euro, and after 2 years she calculated her real investments

Rubia Daniels has seen many stories about the sale of houses in Italy for 1 euro and could not resist another similar lot. She decided to buy one of the abandoned houses for 1 euro and indeed soon received the documents and became the owner of the property. She had to start construction, and upon its completion, she calculated her real costs and drew conclusions. Her facility was located in Sicily in the small town of Mussomeli in Sicily.

The object was indeed given away for a symbolic 1 euro, but the contract clearly states the deadlines for completing the reconstruction, as well as the fact that it is forbidden to live in the house until the repair is completed.

There was a lot of work to be done. Under the contract for such housing, the owner is given 3 years to complete the reconstruction. In addition to 1 euro of the price, an amount of 5,000 euros is frozen on the account. This is a deposit for the object and it passes to the state if the owner has not fulfilled the terms of the contract.

There was a lot of work to be done, but I was ready to take part,” Rubia told reporters. Of the three years released under the contract, it took two years to repair. 20 thousand euros cost materials for the simplest interior decoration. Thus, the price of the object for 1 euro as a result amounted to about 55 thousand.

The footage was small, less than 80 square meters. If a woman bought a big house of 200-300 meters, the price of reconstruction would be over 200,000 euros. Rubia hopes that her estimate will help plan the costs of others who have decided on a similar adventure.

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