The farmer refused to sell his land and started cultivating wheat in the courtyard of the high-rise building

A harvester harvesting a field among modern houses is not the most common sight. But the inhabitants of Lublin see this picture every day. A group of local farmers refused to sell land for the construction of houses, others agreed. As a result, high-rise buildings were nevertheless built, and working farmers became a local landmark.

The video with the combine harvester in the city was first posted on Reddit – the video received thousands of comments. However, in fact, farmers have been farming in this way for more than a year.

The fields are located on Yantarovo street. They are cultivated by Michal Myslovsky, the last of a group of farmers who refused to sell. We even like this spectacle. Soothes in the morning, – one of the local residents told the press. Myslovsky is unlikely to sell his land.


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